Drought Grid Water Wise Lawn Project:
  Up to 70% of California's entire residential water supply is applied to home
landscapes, yet many landscapes use excessive water because sprinkler
controllers are incorrect, wasteful and are not programmed properly. Drought Grid,
LLC. is sponsoring a number of legislative measures that would implement
guidelines for new sod installation and Nursery irrigation techniques and
technologies. Some Californians are now using smart sprinkler controllers that
irrigate according to the needs of specific plants. These controllers automatically
adjust for changing weather conditions, thereby reducing waste and runoff.

     Advanced subterranean irrigation systems minimize water waste due to
atomization, evaporation and over spray. Drought Grid integrated a Netafim drip
system with our Lawn Grid product to launch the “Water Wise Lawn” project. These
products offer more efficient water delivery and volumes at specific locations along
its hose. Drought Grid products including Lawn Grid and Pottery Grid were placed
below the Netafim drip system aligned with the locations of Netafim's self piercing

     Drought Grid products create a man made aquifer under landscaping, plants
and ground cover. Lawn Grid is a product designed to cover a large continuous
area such as a lawn. A specialized product called Pottery Grid provides the same
water saving benefits but in a more localized application under a landscape plant
or in a potted plant. The Drought Grid products slow the movement of water and
capture moisture in the grid channels to provide a consistent source of water
available at root level.

     Drought Grid is seeking to become approved for California's water wise
program. We believe our products are a new, efficient and  affordable way to save
30-50% of outdoor water wasted in residential landscaping.
Current water wise programs include rebates are for  Rain Barrels
<http://www.socalwatersmart.com/index.php/qualifyingproducts/rain-barrels>  and 
Soil Moisture Sensor Systems
Important information:
Irrigation Controllers/Soil Moisture Sensor incentive have been increased to
$80 per controller or $35 per station for properties with more than an acre of
irrigated area.
Only one rebate application per product category, per customer.
Required documentation must be postmarked within 60 days of submission
confirmation; this includes a copy of your water bill, sales receipt and a copy of
the rebate application confirmation page.
Rebate amounts vary by participating water agency and are subject to change
without notice.
Metropolitan reserves the right to verify and inspect rebated devices. If
installation cannot be verified, the applicant must reimburse Metropolitan,
including all associated processing costs, and Metropolitan may elect to use any
legal means to recover any rebate funds paid to the applicant.
New devices added:
Rain Barrels
- rebate is $75 per barrel
Soil Moisture Sensor Systems
<http://www.socalwatersmart.com/index.php/qualifyingproducts/sms-res>  -
rebate is $80 or $35 per irrigation station for large residential sites

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