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Beautiful Garden is now an efficient garden:

    Water is a precious commodity in our home gardens. It is becoming limited in supply, new regulations are restricting use and it is becoming expensive to purchase. However, with Pottery Grid it is not necessary to sacrifice your garden's beauty for the sake of water conservation.

Drought Grid integrates with irrigation products
• Water as normal and gradually and adjust your irrigation schedule down. Periodic adjustments help to adjust to seasonal changes in temperature, wind,
humidity, and rainfall. Your will find your irrigation needs will decrease and allows you to supply the proper volume of water needed for specific type of plants.

• Differences in microclimate zones may require specific irrigation schedules.

• Use an efficient watering system with your Pottery Grids such as drip or soaker hoses to minimize water loss through evaporation or runoff.

• To further reduce evaporation, irrigate during the cooler hours of the early morning rather than during the heat of the day or in windy weather.

• Check your irrigation system regularly for leaks, broken heads, faulty valves, and
other malfunctions. Be sure that misdirected water is not running off onto drive-
ways, sidewalks, or streets.

     Potted plants of all sizes benefit from Drought Grid's technology. Drought Grid's technology re-classifies popular landscaping as drought resistant.

     Drought Grid products enable the home owner to choose the landscape they want and the water savings they need.

     Drought Grid products create a man made aquifer under landscaping, plants and ground cover. Lawn Grid is a product designed to cover a large continuous area such as a lawn. A specialized product called Pottery Grid provides the same water saving benefits but in a more localized application under a landscape plant or in a potted plant. The Drought Grid products slow the movement of water and capture moisture in the grid channels to provide a consistent source of water available at root level.

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