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Commercial Growers
Decrease water waste, increase profits:

    Drought Grid offers a comprehensive line of quality products designed for Commercial Growers. The Pottery Grid product line has four sizes to fit popular commercial pot sizes and suite small plants to young trees.

     Commercial Growers are careful to maximize their water usage in a way that is responsible and maintains their business needs. Responsible Commercial Growers have various irrigation products to increase effeciency but Pottery Grid is the first product of its type to target roots directly with a moisture retaining grid.

       Drought Grid products enable the Commercial Grower to decrease water waste while increasing profits.

Benefits the Pottery Grid product line include:

More hydration direct to plants roots with no additional water cost.
Our products offer a consistent water source to your plants ensuring vigorous growth.
Improving water and fertilizer uniformity results in a highly uniform top quality crop.
Return on investment is typically one season of season of operation.

     Drought Grid products create a man made aquifer under landscaping, plants and ground cover. Lawn Grid is a product designed to cover a large continuous area such as a lawn. A specialized product called Pottery Grid provides the same water saving benefits but in a more localized application under a landscape plant or in a potted plant. The Drought Grid products slow the movement of water and capture moisture in the grid channels to provide a consistent source of water available at root level.