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The Grid Zone:
     The Grid Zone is the space between the surface and the Drought Grid Root Moisture Reservoir. This space now benefits from increased moisture retained by the Drought Grid product. Water is retained in the interlocking channels inside the grid. Additional moisture is slowed as it travels down through layers of soil. This effect increases the moisture content available to plant roots.

Drought Grid offers a simple and unique technology to conserve outdoor water waste. An estimated 70% of residential water is wasted on landscaping. The industry has improved irrigation products and soil mixtures but has failed to address under plant water waste, until now...

     Drought Grid is the first product line to address subterranean water waste. Our water travels miles, sometimes hundreds of miles to reach our homes. When it finally reach our landscape water blasts out of irrigation systems only to rush down through soil, past plant roots and into the aquifer.

     The Drought Grid products slow the flow of water through soil and collect moisture inside the grid's channels. This technology benefits plants in two key ways:

1. Consistent water supply:
    Water is retained in the grid's channels consistent providing hydration to plant's roots.

2. Consistent Moisture:
    Drought Grid products slow the downward flow of water as it travels deep into the Earth. This slowing effect has been shown to increase the moisture content in soil layers betwee, the grid and the surface.

    Our residential landscapes are more than just curb appeal. They are places we live and play. Drought Grid products provide a simple and effective way to make popular landscaping options drought resistant.

     When we look at this situation from the Drought Grid perspective we see consumers desperately trying to navigate their water usage in a way that is responsible and maintains their healthy lifestyle. Responsible home owners strive to maintain an appealling landscape for their family while responding to environmental and political pressures to reduce their water consumption.

     New technologies have modernized the residential home. More conservative appliances reduce water consumption while maintaining the performance and results the consumer demands. Our residential outdoors  are catching up as new technologies and water conservation techniques respond to our current weather patterns and water shortages. Drought Grid, LLC is leading this charge utilizing new technology in a simple, lightweight and effective root moisture reservoir that impact home owners directly.

     Drought Grid products enable the home owner to choose the landscape they want and the water savings they need.

     Now when a home owner meets with their landscape designer, architect or contractor they are able to explore  beautiful, healthy and attractive landscaping options. Even popular plants have become drought resistant because of Drought Grid's products. Until now, home owners were forced to choose between rock, desert plants and even plastic to replace vibrant, healthy landscapes. Drought Grid products change this scenario and provide the home owner the opportunity to choose the landscape they want and the water savings they need.

     Water will always seek the low point as gravity pulls it down into the Earth, plants must try to capture this fleeting water as it travels past the roots, down into the soil to the water table. Depending on your soil composition, weather and irrigation products your lawn may struggle to receive the quantity of water needed to remain hydrated and healthy.
   Until Drought Grid ...
Gravity pulls water down quickly, challenging root system.
Channels provide moisture to roots
     Drought Grid products provide your landscape a consistent water source. Your plants will locate the convenient water source and grow roots around and into the Drought Grid channels.

The Landscape You Want:
Our residential landscapes are more than just a feature of curb appeal. They are places we live and play. Recent drought conditions and water shortages have forced some difficult decisions at all levels in our community and as a result our residential lawns have been targeted.